Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Hooking Up:  A cost benefit analysis.  From a woman's perspective.  Once you don't need to marry up, you can hook up.  At that point, men are really just an elaborate life support system to keep a penis alive.

2.  I posted about this before.  I will likely post about this again.

3.  Pwning P-Kroog....

4.  STOP frying those eggs, dag-nabbit!

5.  Long.  Funny how that is now usually followed by "but," as in "Long, but worth reading."  Anyway, this is quite long, AND it's worth reading.

SO....much more after the jump!

6.  Get yer wonk license!

7.  What a tangled web we do create, when first we try to regulate.  Since you spent money to save water, now you have to spend a LOT more on water.

8.  Pushcart Wars!

9.  Peter Gordon on my old friend Bill Fischel on zoning.   My first "real" teaching gig was filling in for Fischel in his "urban econ" class at Dartmouth, in the fall of 1985.  All because I couldn't, in spite of trying and trying and begging and pleading, get a job at George Mason.  I blame,  in this as in all things, Boettke.

10.  The hardest thing to find, in the whole universe?  You might be tempted to think it's a fair-minded, empirically-grounded P-Kroog column.  But no, it has to be logically possible.  The hardest thing to find is....Astatine.

11.  Markets in everything:  Backscratcher World!

12. Okay, fair enough.  But...what do they use it FOR?

13.  Many, many times the EYM and YYM went and ate bugs.  Sometimes, it was at this festival.  But not always.

14.  Review of "From Third World to First," by LKW.

15.  Markets in everything!

16.  Farm subsidies and quinoa (Bellemare)

17.  It was a parody.  But some things are  so far gone that they can't be parodied.  Not without a visit from the STASI.

18.  Hook-ups for all?  Nope....

19.  Judge says Detroit cannot declare bankruptcy, because the city must "honor the President," who bailed out the auto companies.  Um...what?

20.  Demolition company tears down house.  The WRONG house.  Given that the DEA does this pretty much every day, and never has to pay anything, I guess it's the new normal.  "I'm from the government, and I'm here to tear down your house.  Even if it's the wrong house."  These folks have been raided 50 times. And never once with a valid warrant.  Finally, you have to be a bit frightened about every part of this story.  But the last line is the most chilling.  My advice is to buy RB's book, right away.  Radley's recent WSJ piece.  On the other hand, if you are an idiot, this is what you think.

21.  Good Lord.  Really?  What is wrong with you people?  Just because your big pimply ass is WHITE you think that makes you more American.  Ugh.

22.  Emotional rescue of a sea turtle.  Emotional because it's illegal to rescue turtles.  Yes, it is.   

23.  The Monkees?  Wow.

24.  Is anyone NOT suing the NSA?

25.  Prag Hog!  Prag Hog!

26.  Woman has lower back pain.  Doctor apparently is pain in the a**.

27.  You put the rabbit in the hat, but our gubmint takes it out.

28.  These ARE the droids you are looking for.  You can NOT go on about your business.

29.  Regarding the podcast on "the code" in hockey I did with RR, an interesting paper.

30.  Nudge?  Every home in the UK will have pornography blocked, unless the residents sign/check a form saying they want pornography.  So, in effect, the only way you can watch porn (and we are talking about perfectly legal, everyday soft erotica as well as "real" porn) is to notify the government.   "Phone call for Orwell, Mr. George Orwell!" 


Anonymous said...

Perhaps "checking the box" will be a new euphemism for "doing the wash"

Jeff said...

So the college hook up scene is racist, too? Poor, downtrodden minorities. How terrible that they can't partake in an empty, usurious and emotionally crippling set of base bodily functions with their white peers. The injustice!

Is it just me or are we are running out of things in America that haven't been decried as racist.

Simple.Machine said...

How was that picture of Cameron not blurred, I thought you weren't allowed to show pictures of dicks anymore?

Mike said...

Although I didn't read too deep, I was heartened that the hotair readers took the writer to task on the militarization of the police.

Balko has done very good work here and it needs to be publicized by all of us with an internet connection.