Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My new axe

Man, I have been getting better on the guitar and Mrs. Angus hooked me up with an awesome new instrument.

Feast your eyes people:

It's a Epiphone Sheraton II semi-hollowbody with alnico humbuckers.

John Lee Hooker, Noel Gallagher, Aaron Dessner, Randy Randall, and now EZ Angus!

Alright people, what do you play? Tell me in the comments.


Peter McIlhon said...

Old Man River. Or, is that racist? I can never tell nowadays.

Free2Choose said...

Paul Reed Smith electric and an Alvarez Acoustic-Electric. Love the new axe!

Anonymous said...

I play a Sandisk Sansa MP3 player.

Anonymous said...

Is the picture reversed or are you a lefty?

See how I posed that question with a political double entendre.

blueridge acoustic BR160A

Strelnikov said...

Just getting started as of the first of the year. Mrs. Strelnikov presented me with a nice Yamaha acoustic for Christmas. Took me forty years to get around to it. Loving it.

I'm also a lefty but play righty. No political entendre intended.

Angus said...

Pure lefty. Since birth.

Strelnikov said...

"Pure lefty."

Good man. Although I play, shoot and bat righty.