Friday, July 26, 2013


In homage to the great, masterful, Mungovian Monday's Childs, here's a Friday Angus link-o-rama

1. Will we ever learn to separate skill from luck? Not in Spain apparently.

2. Japan is winning the war against deflation. Or are they?

3. Chris Christie embraces the police state. Nice touch to blame libertarians in advance for the next terrorist attack.

4. The eternal sunshine of the spotless president. Obama's "protect whistleblowers" policy disappears from the web.

5. Have we discovered the origins of the friends and family discount? Wrong! Zap!

6. A petition against the MOOC. Sadly, this is not a satire. "Tenured professors are people too".


Anonymous said...

#6. Unfortunately, schools aren't for the kids but the adults in the schools. If it happens to help the kids, too, it's only coincidental.

John said...

3 & 4 point to the same link. May want to fix that.

Norman said...

"Tenured professors are people too".

You know, like blacksmiths or candlemakers.

Simon Spero said...

«Tenured professors are people too»

They're people! Tenured professors are made out of people!
Next thing they'll be treating grads like cattle and coasting on reputation till they get caught smuggling drugs in Argentina.
Tell everybody! We've got to stop them somehow!

Angus said...

John thanks for the heads up. finally fixed.