Thursday, July 04, 2013

New MCM Home Page

I have for years taken (fully justified) abuse on how crappy my web site was. So, I found a guy (or rather he found me, saying, "Man, your web site is crappy!  Can I fix it for you?").

And now it's much, much better.  If you are interested:

And if you are interested in the web services of the maker, I want to give him some props:  His name is Mark Cunningham, and his portfolio of web sites is here....

It has been a real pleasure working with him.  And that silence you hear is the end of the giant sucking sound my old web site was making.

1 comment:

Chris A said...


The webpage looks MUCH better! Cleaner and easier to navigate, etc. But does your face really need to be that huge? I know you are a handsome man, and perhaps miss your girth, but still!