Friday, March 28, 2008

Gott in Himmel!

Oh, my. Mike Gravel decides he is a Libertarian. Check the new, spiffed-out web site.

A campaign video, from the Gravel campaign:

Yes, that is a campaign video. Don't blame me.

This one is even better.


Anonymous said...

Actually, compared to these guys
it's not clear to me his ads are much worse.


Anonymous said...

Living in Germany, I must take umbrage with your title.

The phrase is "Gott in dem Himmel." which can be shortened to "Gott im Himmel."


Anonymous said...

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Jeremy said...

Jeff, who said G-t in himl is German? Maybe in the German language it's Gott iM Himmel, but in Yiddish it's G-t in himl, and "im" would be bad Yiddish!