Saturday, March 08, 2008


This morning, at the Public Choice meetings...Ms. Angus was a discussant on a paper.

The guy giving the paper, just as he was getting started, says: "Oh, and this is work in progress. So, I have continued to work and make progress in the two weeks since I sent the paper to the discussant. So, it's pretty different."

Now, Ms. Angus is nice. She can take care of herself just fine, but she is too nice to be an ass about this.

But me? I said to myself: "WWAD?" (What would Angus do?)

So, I shouted, from the back of the room, "Thanks for coming, discussant!"

I think all of us should ask, every day, in every way: "WWAD?" And then do it. Just do it.


Angus said...

well what Angus actually did (this session was at 8:00 am.) was kiss Mrs. Angus for luck and pop right back into bed until 9:30 or so!!

Simon Spero said...

Two words.
Powerpoint karaoke.

Mungowitz said...


ow ow ow.

Unknown said...

This is why you should always send your papers to the discussants 15 minutes before the panel starts. That's what I understand, anyway.

"Mrs" de Marchi