Monday, March 24, 2008

If not NOTA, then NOHA

The Libertarians want, as a matter of policy, to have "NOTA" as a choice on ballots.

NOTA, as in None Of The Above.

I will certainly be voting NOHA: "None of Hillary, Always!"

Check this:

"We need a president who is ready on day one to be commander in chief of our
economy." [Clinton, in speech today]

"...Mrs. Clinton's approach to [civil liberties] is that of a top-down
progressive. Her speeches about privacy suggest that she has boundless faith in the power of experts, judges and ultimately herself to strike the correct balance between privacy and security.

Moreover, the core constituency that cares intensely about civil liberties is a distinct minority — some polls estimate it as around 20 percent of the electorate. A polarizing president, who played primarily to the Democratic base and refused to reach out to conservative libertarians, would have no hope of striking a sensible balance between privacy and security." [Rosen, NYT op-ed]

WTF? Is she going to say, "Oil prices, down! Now! Housing prices, up, up sharply, restore equity! I am the commander in chief of the economy!"

And, on the civil liberties concern: That sounds just like...well....GW Bush. "No hope of striking a sensible balance between privacy and security." Been there, done that.

(Nod to KL)

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Anonymous said...

I remember "Nobody for President". I fully support the idea and may print bumper stickers!