Monday, March 31, 2008

It's not thermal probe Mother Nature

They sink a probe into Mother Earth, and the town sinks.

A spokesman for Staufen council said: "The community was so proud of the environmentally-friendly geothermal energy project that it would be a painful irony if that was the cause for this incredible occurrence."

It's only an irony if you think that "green energy" is always cheaper, regardless of the cost. Otherwise, it is an "idiocy."

Look, we don't know much about what causes changes in the environment, or about how "alternative" energy sources work. That's why they are alternative.

Thinking that it's all easy, and the only reason we aren't all "green" is that greedy people are blocking the progress is...well, those people deserve a big old probe of their own. A red hot one.

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Shawn said...

fwiw...I'm angling for that nice master's fellowship at GMU through Mercatus, and want to focus on predominantly this: "green" development, and its misuses. To question 'green' energy, especially within the design profession, is to be looked at like a pariah. There's no sort of criteria used to determine if it's feasible; it just IS, and if you say it isn't...well...just shut up in meetings with the client.

Incidentally...ya know how long the training session is before you can sit to take the LEED accreditation exam?

1 day.

You learn for 1 day, and then have the audacity to tell a client that they should spend $x on this particular technology. Shameful. Granted, you still need to take/pass the exam...

Anonymous said...

War is hell, and we're at war with the earth...errrr...climate...errr...change...errr...bad change...errrr...but not good change, which we need. In other words, we had to kill the earth in order to save it. (That's irony for ya').