Tuesday, March 25, 2008

RCHS Triumphant, for the Sixth Straight Year

Why does North Carolina continue to have a cap on charter schools? RCHS operates at 2/3 the cost per student of an average high school, and 1/4 the cost of NCSSM. Pharaoh, let my charters go!


The Raleigh Charter Quiz Bowl Team sent 16 students to the NCOAST (North Carolina Open Academic State Tournament) in Hickory Ridge on Saturday, March 15. This tournament serves as North Carolina's state championship. Congratulations to the varsity team of K. Munger (Captain), P. Schultz, J. Hanna, and J. Vandezande who won the tournament by defeating the team from North Carolina School of Science and Math (NCSSM). NCSSM had defeated our Varsity B team of B. Rubin, S. Stroud, K. Boyina, and C. Holgate in the semifinals. Both the A and B teams were undefeated after the preliminary matches

RCHS fielded two junior varsity teams as well. Our A team of D. Smith, O. Marschall, M. Lochbaum, and R. Austin won the JV section of the tournament, defeating our B team made up of S. Marivada, S. Challener, D. Rao, and C. Brown.

This is the sixth year in a row that RCHS has won both the Varsity and JV championships in this state tournament. Congratulations to both teams.

This tournament effectively ends the quiz bowl season, although we will still compete in the Knowledge Master Open (an international computer-based quiz) in April, and we have a berth at a national tournament in May. A special thanks goes out to all who helped in the training of our players and supported the team this year.

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PeeDub said...

I've taught at a private school with a small budget, and I can say that it is entirely possible to have an outstanding program if you don't care about science or science equipment.

(but I'm not bitter)