Saturday, March 21, 2009

Email from a new friend.....

Hello Mr. Munger,

I hear you every now and then on 680 AM and usually just turn it off after a few seconds. Why Bill has you on I have no idea.

Each time I hear news of the nation and of the state it is bad. Every since the election it gets worse and worse. Obama is dead set to ruin all this nation is
about. As for NC, we would have had a chance with McCory. NC really had a chance at getting a conservative in as govenor. Who did we GET. In my opinion we got Perdue because you were so vain as to run when you knew you would never get enough votes to WIN. So we all have to suffer because you took the votes away from McCory that would have made the outcome different. All people like you are about is themselves. This election it was so close and conservatives were so close to make a difference from all the deceit we had with Easley. The lottery money that was to be JUST FOR EDUCATION and now 88 million in going into the general fund. There is no point in listing everything. You are just like Ross Perot. Maybe that is mis. spelled. Just because you think you have the qualifications and ability doesn't mean it should override the risk that you caused us all by running for the office. Maybe you were really out to support Perdue and that's why you ruined it for the conservatives and our state. I really think you just wanted to hear yourself talk and you know because you could run for the office you did. Knowing you would not win and knowing it would cost McCory and the tax payers, but you did it anyway. Hope it cost you in some way that none of us will ever know, because you cost us all the next four years.

Laura Tucker

Dear Laura, my new BFF:

FIRST: Exit polls show that I took LOTS more votes from Perdue than Mccrory. As PPP puts it:

One other interesting finding from our analysis. We pointed out several times last fall that our data showed Michael Munger was pulling more votes from Perdue than McCrory, contrary to the conventional wisdom that Libertarians take from Republican candidates. The county where he ended up doing best? Deep blue Orange, where he pulled 5% of the vote.

I have actually talked to Pat McCrory about this, and he agrees it's true. Had I not run, Bev would have won by more. (Notice that ALL of those words were one syllable; I'm hoping you can actually understand them...). The reason is all the straight party ticket Dem voters. Pat actually won on election day, by quite a bit. But Bev won the early voters, the ones who just showed up to vote for Obama.

SECOND: Bev beat Pat by more than the TOTAL votes that I got, as you can see here.

Bev beat pat by 145,000 votes. I only got a total of 121,000 votes.

That is, if every one (EVERY. ONE.) of the people who voted for me had instead voted for Pat, he still would have lost. And the fact is that MOST of votes came from Perdue. There is no way you can seriously believe I cost Pat the election. It's not even close. No question: most of my votes came from Dems. More than 60% of my voters also voted for Obama.

I'm afraid you are overestimating my impact. To the extent that that is a compliment, I do thank you. But I'm afraid the compliment is undeserved. Still, I do appreciate your kindness in seeking me out this way. Let's talk again soon!



Simon Spero said...

Did you ever notice how you can't spell statistics without spelling statist? Of course you can't calculate the effect of a Libertarian being in the race using such old-fashioned quantitative methods.

Anonymous said...

Does it really matter where the votes would have otherwise gone?

Does this beaatch have any clue how ironic her letter is? Your selfish because the political outcome I WANTED didn't come to fruition...

Anonymous said...

I see you dodged the REAL issue, Mike. The one you knew would stick -- that you just love to hear yourself talk! :)

Michael Munger said...


Notice how long my response is, too.

I guess I really DO love to hear myself talk.

Good thing, too. 'Cause much of the tiem, the only people "listening" my speeches were me and my indefatigable campaign manager, Barbara Howe. And she's kind enough to pretend she likes to hear me talk, but....

The idea that running as a third party candidate is good for one's "vanity" is bizarre, I think. In the view of the major parties:

Punks jump up, to get beat down. I'm the punk, they do the beatin'.

(Yes, that WAS Brand Nubian, yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

You could just point her to the various "Performance Art" posts, and explain that the whole run was an elaborate plot to thwart BFF Laura.