Thursday, March 05, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Now that President O has (1) stimulated the economy, (2) raised taxes to re-balance the budget, (3) launched a program to solve the "foreclosure crisis", and (4) caved on eliminating earmarks, it's finally time to reform health care!

Yes, the secretary of Health and Human Services has not been confirmed yet, but hey we gotta wrap this all up in 100 days people, at which time we will enter the new golden age where all "problems" will have been solved by our government.

I love this quote from the above linked article:

"Our healthcare costs are exploding our economy," said Melody Barnes, Obama's senior domestic policy adviser.



Anonymous said...

Apparently, imploding our economy is better than exploding it.

Trent McBride said...

I saw a headline this morning (I think it was on the Today show) that read "Obama also to fix health care." (emphasis added)