Friday, March 20, 2009

Giant Sucking Sound

If you go over to your window....

...and open it just a little.....'ll hear a giant sucking sound outside.

That's my bracket.

West Virginia, Ohio State, Wake Forest, Boston College, and Clemson: I hate you all.

UPDATE: Overall, I went 22-10 in the first round. Apocalyptic, but better than Pres. "Baracket" Obama's 19-13. (The Prez's actual updated Baracket is here).

And, the damage is not bad so far. 14 of my Sweet 16 are still alive, and everyone in my Elite 8 is still good to go. (My bracket, if you want to see it)



El General said...

How deep does the damage go. sweet 16? elite 8? Dare i say final four or past... yikes!

I had my best first day on record with 16/16, followed by 12/16 today. I'm really counting on your Dukies btw, so if you see any of them slacking ass around campus, please whip 'em into shape.

Anonymous said...

Mike, my look-see reveals only 13 of your Sweet 16 alive. Which means you've got one less alive than if you'd simply gone with all the top seeds. But you do get bonus points for having picked one of the two Cinderellas in the Sweet 16.