Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Linkulus Maximus

Some links:

Delightful. Obama administration deserves more credit for what they are trying to do in education policy. Not sure there should be a federal education policy, but if there is, "race to the top" at least has some good ideas. (Nod to Anonyman)

Dan Klein: Assist the Everyman! (Nod to @IHSAcademic)

The sky is falling. Or, is the ocean rising? It's so hard to keep track, when the warmists are making up stuff. 'Cause a year later they will deny having ever made a prediction. (Nod to Paul Jacob)

You can get a Utah concealed carry permit without (1) ever visiting Utah, or (2) ever actually firing a gun. Why do so many states have reciprocal arrangements with Utah? (Nod to Anonyman)

Rob Jenkins was kind enough to cite my article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, and make a very nice extension. His idea for a "space" of administrative types is quite interesting.

Complexity and local maxima in the study of economics. (Nod to Neanderbill)

Jeff Miron is well out on the "true dat!" scale, on gun control.


Adam Dynes said...

On the Utah concealed carry permit, the reason other states accept it, at least as I heard argued by gun rights advocates in Utah, is because of the high standards of Utah's application process. Also, if I recall correctly, Utah makes a small profit on each permit, so they have no reason to stop offering it to nonresidents. Another interesting fact about Utah is that open carry is legal without a permit. You only need one for concealed weapons.

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