Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Onion Has to Stop Publishing

This story is hilarious satire, until it turns out not to be satire at all.

The NYTimes Story

Hold out for a "corporate job", instead of a "dead-end job"?

Angus worked as a welder! I laid sod, worked as a night manager at a Burger Chef (like a Hardees, but not so upscale and fancy) (!) and unloaded boxcars of lumber by hand, in Florida, in the summer. GET OVER YOURSELF, BOY, and get a FREAKIN' JOB!

(Nod to Anonyman)

UPDATE: Les Cargill rightly suggests that I was about 3 seconds from the Four Yorkshiremen skit. And here it is...


Les Cargill said...

insert "Four Yorkshiremen" sketch here

David said...

The Times knows its readership.

Anonymous said...

I think he's being a rational actor. If my parents lived in a beautiful house and paid all my bills I would move back home in a second.

Seriously, I could understand if he was a laid off wall st. guy who went from making 400K to 40K as a claims adjuster, or a law school grad who just blew 100K on tuition and can't find a job. But if you have yet to actually begin a career, and have no debt from school, then I don't see why working as anything precludes scoring that big corporate job you've been pining for since attending an over priced yuppie school. Like KPC, I had the worst of all dead end jobs, teaching dookie undergrads.

I predict grad school in his future, probably at dook.

Anonymous said...

I'm a political science prof, a regular Times reader, paid my way through a mediocre public school working menial jobs, and I think this kid is a doofus. A degree in pol sci and history, and mad that he doesn't get better than a 40K job because he worked hard to get out of high school? I wonder if he'll ever realize how unsympathetic this article makes him appear?

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