Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Takeaway: In Which I Play Scrooge

I was on "The Takeaway" this morning. National NPR program. You can listen by clicking "listen" here.

They asked me to do a little blog post, so I did. Call me Scrooge-mael.


LoneSnark said...

So what are you suggesting? An unemployment Czar decrying which industries/regions are eligible for 52 weeks of unemployment?

That just sounds unjust. Would not such a system just further exaggerate regional imbalances, as the people of Detroit enjoy 52 weeks of unemployment when the best solution is for them to move.

Anonymous said...

Well, exactly. The "adjustment assistance" would have to be conditional on them... (wait for it) MOVING.


Anonymous said...

Mike "The Nudger" Munger,
You might also require the acquisition of a new skill set certification within the 52 weeks, pending the skills are helpful to certain politically preferred industries like biotech. We could probably craft the legislation sans Czar in 1000 pages or less.

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