Tuesday, October 12, 2010

France is Closed

Riots by French "workers."

Bastiat described the French state perfectly: "The State is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else."

All those jumpin' Frogs want to have free retirement. Let someone else pay! I've worked hard for fifteen years...or something like that.

But I have to ask...how do you tell if a French worker is retired? I can't imagine anyone doing less work than they do when they are "working." I guess it means they can do nothing sitting on their ass at home smokin' cigs instead of sitting on their ass at some fake job smokin' cigs.


magilson said...

I've been to eastern France on work to visit a manufacturing company. The issues France has are in their western region. Some parts of their culture still understand the value of and take pride in their work.

Max said...

Ok, Mungowitz, this was very superficial. First, albeit the French work less hours a day than most Americans (or even Europeans), they have to be that much more productive to support their all encompassing state.

Of course, this might explain the high suicide numbers at France Telekom. I have been working for 5 month in a French company in Lyon and while it is true that pride in work is bad in other parts of France, this is not true for the former states of the Holy Roman Empire in the East.

And while it is common that the workers in the factory are lazy and regard their superiors as the ENEMY, this changes when you climb the ladder in the company. French engineers for example are under-paid and have contracts without a limit in hours (CDI - Cadre) per week. They are paid to do their job and finish their projects no matter how many hours they have to work (which often means between 50 and 60 hours a week).

So, I think most criticism of France is actually wrong because French only has an asymmetric distribution of work load from the lower echelons to the higher ones (while paying the engineers less than 40.000 dollars).