Monday, October 25, 2010

Political Quiz

A version of "Jay-walking" on the U of Colorado campus.

Many fine moments.

But my favorite is when they ask one kid, "How many judges on the US Supreme Court?"

Silence. Then a hint: "It's an odd number!"

Kid responds: "Oh, eighteen." We are so screwed.

(Nod to Anonyman, who visited Chez Mungowitz with the lovely Ms. Anon this past weekend. Very nice time)


Anonymous said...

Of course these are the people who were dumb/vain enough to stop and be interviewed.

Michael said...

As a current physics grad student and former TA at Colorado, nothing really surprising here. But, I think I should offer at least a partial defense. So, in all fairness ... it was game day*! That just isn't fair! Who on earth could remember anything about Joe Biden after smoking as much as these kids had? They probably thought they were on a quiz show to win free lift tickets at Loveland.

* At least for the people at the Boulder campus - some were clearly in Denver.

And also, this is Boulder, we all know it's going blue. Rational ignorance?