Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A touching homecoming

It would have been Agent Zero's first game back in DC since he got popped for packing heat in the Wizards' locker room.

He celebrated by faking an injury, sitting out the whole game, and then telling people he had done so after the game was over.


Washington should keep him so far away from John Wall. If they can't get anything at all for him in a trade, they should just cut him.

Ball Don't Lie has more.

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Pelsmin said...

Gil lives up the street from me. Actually, his house is on Georgetown Pike, the only National Landmark road in the U.S., I believe, lined with classic old homes dating back to the revolutionary war days. His house stands out -- literally -- as being hard up against the road, huge, and featuring a massive backyard fountain/waterfall/pool/love tub patterned on the Grotto at the Playboy mansion. You can't miss it from the Pike. His wall-sized mural on the garage depicts his own image, dunking.

But my favorite is the fact that my iPhone wifi picks up his home's hotspot whenever I drive by. It's named "pooty tang."

Class act, all the way.