Friday, October 29, 2010

Does it matter if the Republicans take the House?

Some see a zombie apocalypse. I don't see much really.

First, the "repeal Obamacare" idea is simply nuts. The Repubs won't have anything near a veto proof majority and the Dems in the Senate, even if the Repubs take the Senate, can just act like the current minority party in the Senate is acting.

Second, it's true that "progressive" legislation will be harder to pass. But it seems that it was already next to impossible to pass anyway. Cap & Trade is already dead, card check already dead, more stimulus, already dead. I don't see any big change here.

Third, it's true that there will be more support for DADT and the wars and our brutal immigration policy, but again, the current administration was already vigorously prosecuting these and other horrible policies.

Finally, I do think there will be a change in the mix of tools used to achieve deficit reduction, with (and I admit this may be more of a hope than a reality) more emphasis on spending cuts and less on tax increases. In any event, I think a Republican House makes deficit reduction at least a little bit more likely.

PS: Am I the only one who'd like to see Christine O'Donnell in the Senate? Just for the Caligula's horse kind of vibe it would have?


Tom said...

Agreed; it makes little difference. So we're free to do the Right Thing: Vote Libertarian. It's the affirmative way of not voting and you'll get to feel smug for two (at least two!) whole years.

I would also like to see Christine O'Donnell in the Senate, but I wouldn't go so far as to actually vote for her. That might make me feel regretful and queasy for six years.

Steven H. Newton said...

Actually Christine would only be serving four years (remainder of Biden's term) if that made you feel any better about a Caligula's horse vote....

Being in Delaware where I actually have to contemplate such a vote next Tuesday I am taking the only honorable way out: voting for Jim Rash the Libertarian candidate. I thought about Christine, I really did, but I like masturbation too much. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm just amused you compared her to a horse.

Anonymous said...

Dems in the Senate, even if the Repubs take the Senate, can just act like the current minority party in the Senate is acting.

But they won't, because the minute they try to filibuster they'll be called out by the Republicans as obstructionist commie traitors. How dare they use something so vile as a filibuster to stop the will of the people?

Patrick said...

A real Republican Party, the sort that I'd vote for, would simply refuse to fund any government agency or subsection charged with enforcing the health care law. They could do that regardless of a veto.

But that would lead to chaos! It would paralyze the government!

Which is why I don't vote Republican. I just vote against all incumbents.

Incidentally, lame showing by the NC Libertarians this year. Even in Durham the only Libertarian on the ballot was for U.S. Senate. Circle duly filled in, but more would have been better.