Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tonight's the Night

Bruce Berry and Mungowitz were/are both working men, and while Bruce is gone, you can see Mungo tonight at 7:00 at OU (181 Hester Hall)!

Be sure to introduce yourself to he or I as a KPC reader!

Here's the ad one more time, just because it's so cool:


LoneSnark said...

I would like to, once again, reiterate a request for this presentation to be offered in North Carolina at some point in the future.

Angus said...

if you get a pony keg and a big hunk of braunschweiger, Mungo will probably come to your house and give the talk!

Mungowitz said...

That's not true. The hunk of braunschweiger can be small, as long as I get ALL of it.