Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All aboard Obama Motors

Obama General Motors, is not doing too well. When it went public again in November 2010, the stock price was $33.00. It's around $20 today. The Dow has risen significantly over this same time period (almost 30%), so the stock is a real dog.

GM is also still losing market share. They had a US market share of 20% in 2011, so far this year it's running at 18%.

How you like them Volts, 'Merica?

If the President is re-elected we may well be able to refer to GM as "the company so nice, Obama bought it twice!

All this and much more at this link.

Hat tip to Chris L.

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Anonymous said...

Failure is an orphan, haha. You may call it Obama's in half jest, but the bailout began before. Here' a columnist basically says Obama only finished what GW began, giving credit where he thinks credit is due.