Monday, August 13, 2012

football vs. football

Nice piece in NY Magazine by Will Leitch on the morality of football. Quick quote:

Forget your own kid playing football. The ­question is whether anyone’s kid should.

Here's the full medal count from the Olympics. What single medal do you think created the most joy in the home country of the winner(s)? My money is on Mexico's gold in men's soccer!

And speaking of medals, the first medal revocation has taken place. A female Belarusian shot-putter has lost her gold medal for juicing.


Otto said...

And the single country that celebrated the Mexico win the most was Argentina :-)

Anonymous said...

Not sure what you're suggesting here. Should the State ban football? Not a very "Libertarian" point of view. New York has certainly become a "nanny state".

Gerardo said...

"We enjoy the NFL because we can forget what goes on behind the scenes"

I wonder how many things we enjoy because we forget or don't know what goes on behind the scenes?

I think there is a difference between what goes on in the NFL and what goes on in high school football in terms of letting my kid play.

And, "two economists"? Please. How hard is it to write "Tyler Cowen and someone named 'Angus'" in that space?

Angus said...

Otto: good one! and you might be right.

Anon: I am not as yet suggesting that the state ban football, but I can think of evidence that would make me be in favor of that. I am not a "no government" libertarian.

Gerardo: Eating meat, going to a luxury hotel in a poor country, certainly more.

Texans Tickets said...

Playing football is fun. Kids must enjoy it themselves. It might be a game that involves contact but teaching these kids to play it clean can help prevent accidents.