Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Podcastration: Parasites

Got to talk to some of my favorite people:  Zach Wiener, of SMBC fame, and Kelly (Wiener)Smith, a really cool biologista and general science nerd-punk.

The theme, as Kelly put it, is this:  "how people parasitize economies and how parasites economize people."

The podcast.

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Anonymous said...

Great podcast.

My only question is about the shirts example. It seemed like it was getting quite close to an argument in favor of protectionism.

It seems to me that giving them clothes would free up capital (what little there is) for other uses. Or did you specifically mean that unexpected aid is a problem, as it unpredictably destroys invested capital? Presumably if it was a consistent and predictable flow, the benefits would outweigh the costs.