Friday, August 31, 2012

Grocery Store Performance Art: The LMM

The LMM goes to the grocery store quite a bit.  She eats mostly brocolli, and so has to buy brocolli twice a week or so.

Went to the Harris Teeter near our house, and ....

They had always  had signs at registers about donating to United Way.  Never had a cashier ask me about it. Now at the end of the register area, there was a 2 litre bottle of Harris Teeter coke with a pre printed laminated sign on it saying, "If your cashier does not ask you if you want to donate to United Way, please except this 2 litre bottle of HT coke."  (my emphasis!)  Couldn't believe it.  Manager was bagging my groceries.  I pointed it out to him and said that was very embarrassing.  He acknowledged  it was. Cashier immediately asked me if I wanted to donate. I had watched the two people in front of me and she hadn't asked them.

Then, she returned to that Harris Teeter (to. buy. more. brocolli.)  And saw this:

Instead of changing one word, they had redone the sign as Ernest Hemingway might have said it.  The checkout person did NOT ask the LMM to donate.  UNTIL she saw the picture taking.  THEN, "Do you want to donate to United Way?" Heh.

UPDATE:  I have NEVER been able to spell brocoli....brokolley....broccoli.  Perhaps I should apply to Harris Teeter for a job!


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kebko said...

"She goes there twice a week to buy her favorite green vegetable."

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