Sunday, August 12, 2012


Wow, Jimmy Buss really played rope-a-dope with Laker nation.

As of mid June he was lowering expectations of the faithful, telling them not to expect any major moves in the off season beyond an attempt to re-sign Ramon Sessions!

Now the Lakers have a projected starting lineup of Steve Nash, Kobe Bean, Pau Gasol, MWP, and Superman! With Antwan Jamison coming off the bench.


In the NY Times, Howard Beck estimates that the Lakers will be paying around $70 million of  Luxury Tax for the 2013-14 season. I guess he's assuming that Dwight Howard signs a max contract with LA (as of now Howard can walk after the upcoming season), but that's a big number. Remember that the alleged salary cap figure for next season is $58 million!

Yet I still don't see the Lakers getting by my Thunder.

OK people, will Dwight sign long term with the Lakers? Will Jimmy Buss really pay that much to the league? How far will the Lakers go next year?

I know that you know where to tell me.


Brad Hutchings said...

Yeah, well wait until next week when we sign Chad Johnson. 75-7.

jay said...

Howard is only slightly better than Bynum was last year. That could change going forward, but IMO Nash is a way more important upgrade for them. Still I favor the Thunder (at least while their core of four is together).

What I like is that this revives Perk! Can't dump him with Howard around.