Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Atlas Shrugged Live!

Remember how near the end of the middle part of Atlas Shrugged, where all the trains are breaking down and no one actually knows how to make things work?

Asiana Airlines had a plane crash because of pilot error.  They didn't actually know how to fly the plane.  You can imagine them sitting there, thinking, "Damn!  We're low.  But I don't want to embarrass anyone, because I'm not really sure how this thing works, without the autopilot engaged."   (Landing beacon at SFO was down that day).

That likely damaged their reputation.  That whole "pilots who can't land a plane, and who couldn't figure out what that loud "STALL! STALL!" warning meant.

But Asiana found someone to blame.  Someone who damaged Asiana's reputation.  The TV station that credulously went with a report on the names of the pilots.  (Check the pilot names, and listen to the report).

The NTSB, wanting its share of the "we don't know what we are doing, either!" blamed an intern.  It's like a bad Dilbert, where poor Asok takes it in the shorts again.

Asiana is suing...the TV station!  Yep, that's what harmed your rep, guys, not the "fly the plane into the ground tail first" thing.

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