Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Black boxes for cars?  It's likely to protect better drivers.  And privacy is long gone, in transport.

2.  Nice move by Dad here.  "Honey, this completely realistic, virtual-functional 737 cockpit I'm building is for the kid!  I just have to check it out first, to see if it's safe.  Vroom!  Vroom!"

3.  Batman and Superman, together again for the first time.  That sounds pretty awful.

4. Norm Macdonald's monologue from the 1998 ESPYs.   A hard-to-find classic bit from the ancient past of ESPN.  And they will never, ever, ever, get back together. Very NSFW.

5.  Clearly, my own megalomania would enjoy this.  I have to find a way to make it happen, though not soon.
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6.  New Monopoly game still has jail, thank goodness.  On the other hand, now the classic "pieces" include McDonald's french fries.  And the iron has been replaced by a cat, as I'm sure my good friend Michael Huemer will be pleased to know.  John Oliver on Daily Show does a nice job with it...though he had the story wrong about "no jail." Part I and then Part II.

7.  Why does Bon Jovi charge so much for tickets?  The "Because He Can!" tour...

8.  Replacement glaciers?  I bet the REAL glaciers abuse them, calling them "scab!" and such-like.

9.  Interesting visual on gay marriage...

10.  The moral of this story is...well, nothing I can think of.  Most of the time throwing a lottery ticket away is the right thing to do, since you already threw your money away.

11.  Charming.  GHWB didn't have much hair anyway, but charming nonetheless.

12.  The war on poverty has failed, because no one actually ever intended to help poor people.  The goal was to employ more middle-class people who would then vote Democrat.  How do I know?  Because if anyone wanted to cure poverty, we would have used a Basic Income scheme from the outset.

13.  US NSA figures out "The Find."  I'm so proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm spied on.

14.  I guess this makes sense.  But do you really want angry people on juries?

15.  Author becomes rich after near-broke experience...

16.  This is sad all around.  I'm sad the dog was killed, and it would make me upset if it were my dog.  But, as Angus has pointed out--paraphrasing Chris Rock--one can't say the gator went crazy.  The gator just went gator.

17.  It's funny now.  But the parents must have been frantic.

18.  I'm clearly a bad person, because this strikes me as hilarious.  The guy couldn't even commit suicide right.

19.  Keep hearing about how the gubmint "made money" on its "investments" (sorry for the scare quotes, but it's scary!).  Not so much, at least on the auto bailout.  The economy is not supposed to produce jobs, it's supposed to produce STUFF.  Steve Horwitz would say, "give them spoons!"

20.  It's surprising that this got as far as it did.  People actually say that they trust "the government," since Prez. Obama is in charge.  Bad news:  he is not actually "in charge," folks.

21.  Unintentionally funny game for Americans.  It's a win if most people can click "Europe."

22.  One way of making health care cheaper is to provide less health care.  A LOT less health care.  This may be a good thing, mind you, but it's not what was promised.

23.  The code beat the rules, but it took an appeal and nearly made Brett's head explode.

24.  NOT the Onion:  The NSA can search YOUR emails, but they are "not set up" to search their own system.

25.  A tough day at Charlotte airport.  Bees? Coyotes?  and Fiery Walkways?  Oh, my.

26.  When you are Geraldo, and already far beyond self-caricature, how can you possibly embarrass yourself?  Here's how.  Bless his heart.  He was drunk and lonely, and his 70 year old body "amazed himself."  Geraldo, you amaze us, too, sweetie.  Maybe, if you are 70, lonely and hot, you need a big slice of this.

27.  Climate impact on flood insurance.... Which raises an interesting question:  are climate deniers (so-called) writing this insurance?  It would seem they have a cost advantage....

28.  Careful what you ask for.  If you give all power to an authority, the authority will use that power.

29.  The LMM pretty much does this in our house.  She couldn't live in that town.

30.  NPR:  We couldn't afford NOT to spend all that money.  I have to admit I can't really get upset about this.  When you look at all the ways the government is wasting money, this is pretty small potatoes.  Take a look at all the "defense contractor palaces" that are built with tax dollars, and no one is whining about those.

31.  The Angler Fish saga.  I've actually met men who have marriages quite similar to this, metaphorically.

32.  It may be that women, for a variety of reasons, including possibly cultural/environmental rather than genetic reasons, have more mental illness.  If so, then an ideologically based claim (made by women) that there is "no difference" is pretty harmful to women.  Or it might be.

33.  Interesting web site.  And a provocative piece by CURE's Star Parker.

34.  This woman believes that some people are too nuts to own a gun.  And she proves her own proposition, by writing this. She does not appear to have started her "project" with an open mind.  No one wants to make gun ownership mandatory.  Except Switzerland, of course.  And they don't have any of the problems this woman seems to have had.

35.  I'm convinced I remember things accurately.  The LMM claims that this is not true, at least not always.  And of course, she's right.  Again.  


1.  Turkish Officials Clear Bird of Charges of Spying for Israel

2.   Great title:  "Kids Exchange."  There were times 20 years ago when we would have taken a pretty low price for the both of 'em.  Like the old line:  "Got a new truck for my wife"  "Really?  Good trade, man."


John Covil said...

Regarding link 2: that guy is lucky he didn't try this in America, especially with a name that sounds funny to Americans. Feds would have been busting down his door and shooting his pets the day after he started ordering the components on the internet.

Jeff said...

on #19, I've given up even talking about jobs. I've gone The Matrix route. There is no such thing as a job. Once you realize that, all the silly talk of creating them and destroying them goes away.

There are no jobs. There are only ongoing, mutually beneficial trade arrangements. We have unfortunately taken to calling many of these arrangements "jobs" which leads to lots of bad ideas and bad policies.

Hasdrubal said...

#5: I used to skydive and one of the pilots had a story: A woman came to him with her husband's ashes, he wanted to be let out over the local lake and she figured the skydivers were about the only people who actually opened their doors while flying. Being a nice guy, he accepted and had one of the more experienced jumpers pour them out on the way up to altitude.

Have you ever tried throwing paper or a cigarette out the front window of a car while the back window was open? It was just a swirly, dusty mess. Took them months to get the plane cleaned out to the point where you didn't have grime on you after you got out.

He told the wife that everything went fine, but never offered to spread someone's ashes again.

Pelsmin said...

On #34, the woman's point seems to be that allowing idiots like her to carry guns is a bad idea. I suppose there'a something to that, although that presupposes people shouldn't assume responsibility for their own actions. This is, of course, consistent with liberal thinking.
Her study is a lot like the one I've been conducting to show how dangerous it is to sell cars without requiring built-in blood alcohol monitors. I've been getting really drunk and driving around town everyday. I backed down my driveway while my teenagers were playing there, which really made me think, ya know? And I raced through a neighborhood while children played nearby. They had no idea what danger they were in. Really makes you wonder about the lax driving-your-own-car laws in this country. My actions could have easily killed someone.