Thursday, July 18, 2013

Business class 777

Got upgraded--not sure why--on flight from LAX to Sydney, Australia.

Looks like this, like some futurisitic rocket ship.  All the seats lay down completely, flat, with walls between you and the person next to you.  Only 4 across, whereas back in coach it's 9 across.

And the controls....they look like this.  All sorts of ways you can make the bed / seat move.

The only one I couldn't figure out is the bottom right.  "Too Many Burritos"? Looks bad.


Anonymous said...

"The only one I couldn't figure out is the bottom right."

Either lumbar support or heat.

The way to find out is to select it.

robert said...

I vote for:

"Release the snakes"


"We will doubly-integrate your butt, as viewed in a mirror"

Unknown said...

Hmm ... massage maybe?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the upgrade...that's a long flight. A friend of the family works for Delta and is based in Singapore doing retrofits to put in the lay flat seats on their big widebodies such as this--he said Japanese business execs will pay $10k for a first class ticket to the states and the are insanely profitable.

Jeff said...

Didn't the plane from Inception look like that, where they knock the rich guy out and implant thoughts in his brain while he's asleep using weird dream sequences with lots of guns and car chases?

Typing that reminds me what a strange movie that was.

Anyway, maybe that's where they got the idea for that plane from.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what would happen if you roll over and lay on your stomach? Happy ending, perhaps?

Mungowitz said...

I had 15 hours to experiment. I did, of course, try to "select it" when it came to the bottom right button. There was never an effect I could discern.

Anon, did you actually imagine that I did not press the button, on a 15 hour flight? Seriously?

sfw said...

What are you here in Oz for?