Monday, July 01, 2013

Monday's Child

1.  Nuclear power, arise?

2.  The first mass school shooting.  In Germany, no less. In 1913.

3.  Peak Oil is peak idiocy.  A good discussion of why.

4.  How social Darwinism made modern China...

5. Bill Gates on "giving up using the government."

MUCH more after the jump...

6.  Data on guns, violence, and crime.  It's not the school shootings...

7.  Breast Feeding and Intergenerational Mobility...

8.  Demonizing processed food may make obesity worse...

9.  The psychology of conspiracy theories...

10.  Those wacky French.  An entirely different take on SSM.     Our man, Reihan, has some thoughts, also.

11.  The real "welfare queens" are almost ALWAYS large corporations.  And, so, again, it is true, with "craft" beer.

12.  The Federal Data Services Hub.  This would be funny, if it were funny.

13.  If this be capitalism, give us less of it!  A lot less, actually.

14.  When talk isn't cheap:  Can the Fed talk growth up?

15.  Big love?  Maybe, maybe not.

16.  If the Germans are callling you war criminal, you may be one.  And if this is being picked up by the Daily, poor Prez O.

17.  The SCOTUS was probably right to turn this down.  But, the level of overt, "legal" corruption in our system is so high that we are imposing all sorts of implicit taxes on people who actually produce things.  It's worrisome.  The way to make money is to rent-seek, not invest.

18,  Humans were evolved to play baseball.  Perhaps that's why the MOST mentally evolved people love baseball best.

19.  We won't use that information, don't you worry.  The German view is skeptical.

20.  Tesla fighting the good fight in NC.  Yay.  Except that Tesla is an egregious waste of resources.  Boo.

21.  Melissa is right!  Well done.

22.  Back-scratching looks a lot like corruption.  Because it is.

23.  Louisiana test for voting "literacy."  Appalling.

24.  Stop pissing off Alec Baldwin.  Ok, don't.  It's too amusing.

Finally, several people have asked about where the "Monday's Child is Full of Links" (since condensed just to "Monday's Child") came from.  Mother Goose!


John Thacker said...

I believe you goofed on a couple of those links there, such as the Bill Gates one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, link fail on the "back scratching looks like corruption" and "guns and crime" posts too.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

re: conspiracy theories -- when the government and the news media demonstrate repeatedly that they are unworthy of trust people will wonder what the truth is. Pretty simple.

Anonymous said...

Mike! Links numbers 5, 6, and 22 are in sore need of your attention.

just sayin'.......