Thursday, November 13, 2008

(almost) Everybody loves Mike

Mike D'Antoni, that is. People the Knicks are a living, breathing real NBA team. They are 5-3 ("if the playoffs started tomorrow" lol) compared to last years 2-6 and they are fun to watch. They play hard. Quite a change from last year (see this or this)

Amazingly a lot of it has to do with how D'Antoni handled Stephon Marbury; in contrast to Zeke's enabling, Mike buried Steph alive, and the team responded.

Yesterday D'Antoni activated an injured sumo wrestler instead of Starbury. Steph's response? He speculated that if the Knicks would cut him, he'd love to play for the San Antonio Spurs! LOL. Good luck with that one Stephon. If anyone would treat him harsher than Mikey D, it'd have to be Coach Pop wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

How he handled Marbury AND Curry, you mean.

Angus said...

yes. thanks. Curry felt the lash as well.

mdesus said...

I mean marbury could be good on a team that needs an offensive spark of the bench and is loaded with veterans (ie exactly the spurs).