Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harvard: Yer Doin' It WRONG!

Wow. Having a big endowment means never having to say you're sorry. Right? Just kidding, fellas!

From Slate, courtesy of Old Prez Guy.

...Every quarter, Harvard Management Company files a 13-F form with the Securities and Exchange Commission, indicating a portion of its holdings in publicly traded securities—stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds. The 13-F is a snapshot and is not fully representative of Harvard's overall holdings. But the chunk of the portfolio revealed in the most recent 13-F looks like it was chosen by someone who watched a few episodes of CNBC's Squawk Box and heard that the hot new investments were emerging markets, commodities, and private equity.

The 13-F shows Harvard with some 231 positions worth nearly $2.9 billion! , highly concentrated in popped macroeconomic bubble plays.

Heh...heh-heh...heh. He said "Squawk Box."