Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't Peep on Me

The Bishop sends this email:

In an afternoon of solidarity with the Munger campaign, my son, son-in-law, grandson and I went up the canyon Saturday afternoon and each shot about 50 rounds through our shotguns and 100 through handguns. We killed lots of clay pigeons although some got away. We hunted those down with the handguns. A 9mm handgun is really nice, although I am not too good with it. Alas, we had no automatic rifles. Noah, my 4-year old grandson, had his 15-shot elastic band shooting rifle. A very libertarian/liberating afternoon. Enjoy yours.

The Bishop goes on to note that this video concerns a relative of his. I should not that the Bishop's relative is the gun owner, and peep-ee, not the peeper.

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br said...

Ken's a badass for shooting up in the air first. Not sure if I would have thought of that...