Wednesday, November 12, 2008

How bad did McCain get beat?

I ask because this Yahoo news story refers to how he doesn't blame Sarah Palin for "their crushing defeat".

Crushing? Really? In my lifetime, there have been 13 presidential elections and this was the 6th closest.

Here are some crushing defeats from my lifetime: Barry Goldwater got 52 electoral votes in 64, George McGovern got 17 in 1972, Jimmy Carter got 49 (as an incumbent!!!) in 1980, Walter Mondale got lucky 13 in 84 and Dukakis got 111 in 1988.

I just don't see McCain's (162) defeat as anything close to crushing. But maybe that's just my man crush talking.


Tom said...

I envy Angus. He still expects facts and logic to factor into political speech.

Mungowitz tried that -- one person in 35 voted for him. :-(

SJT said...

"Don't worry team, we only lost by 4 touchdowns. Not like those other guys who lost by 6 touchdowns."

Seems like a trifling bit of semantics. In my mind, getting more than doubled up in electoral votes by a non-Southern freshman Democratic Senator counts as being crushed.