Friday, November 21, 2008

Neanderbill's Performance Art: Lucas was wrong....

So, you should understand about Neanderbill.

He is 6'8" tall (really, he is), and 180 pounds if he had a big breakfast. Ichabod Crane, except taller.

One windy day, I pull into the parking garage (we carpool, Neanderbill and I), and when I open the door about 6 or 8 one dollar bills on the floor (change from a carwash) blow out Neanderbill's door, and go flying toward the wall.

Neanderbill, wearing a trench coat that flies out behind him like a cape, goes running after the bills, flapping his enormous long arms.

And bellowing, in his basso profundo voice, "Lucas was WRONG! Lucas was WRONG!"

He stomped on the bills, one by one, and returned them. But I basically didn't recover the whole day.


Dirty Davey said...

I had not known "Neanderbill" was back in North Carolina! But I certainly recognized him from your description.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord I just wet myself laughing!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is Lucas referring to? I'm missing some inside joke. I can't think of a Star Wars reference, so who is the Lucas?

Angus said...

Nobel Laureate Bob Lucas famously claimed that the way people acted in traditional Keynesian models was tantamount to walking right past $500 bills lying on the sidewalk without picking them up.

Anonymous said...

could you please get back to me on the meaning of this? I would like to come to a solid understanding
Vman -