Sunday, January 18, 2009

Advertising: Yer doin' it Wrong!

Norman has grown a lot since Mrs. Angus and I arrived. Now we even have a very good Indian restaurant, Himalayas, that makes great dosas and uthappams. However, their advertising needs work.

First, their slogan is "Aroma of India" which I would not necessarily consider appetizing!

Second, their other slogan is "A fine dining experience where earth and sky meet". People, the place is right next to the dollar store and it is often filled with college students. So much for the "fine dining" part. As far as "where earth and sky meet" I guess literally that means "the ground" so it has to be trivially true, but isn't its usual sense a place of high elevation? Maybe they outsourced their advertising to folks who'd never seen Oklahoma?

Oh, well. If you're ever in Oklahoma and are hankering for a dosa, Himalayas is the place.


Anonymous said...

mmm... curry. I guess if you're up high enough on the himalayas it doesn't smell so bad and if you actually found a place to eat there it would seem finer than anything else around.

Anonymous said...

Elevation of Norman Oklahoma - 1171feet.Practically the same as the Himalayas.

Go Pokes.

air plane advertising said...

Why do people respond well to aerial advertising