Friday, January 09, 2009

Celebrating Inauguration Day in Style

So, I'm 50. And the doctor says I need to get a colonoscopy. Now, if the mechanic said I need to get a new exhaust system on my car, I tell him "No! The muffler has not actually fallen off into the street yet. Forget it!" But on "tests," we all become patsies for the medicos, putty in their hands.

Still, I got to choose the DAY of the colonoscopy. And, what day should I pick?

That is, on what day should I pay a lot of money to someone else, so that that someone else can stick a fairly large pipe, in a painful way, far up my bum?
Inauguration Day, of course! That way, I'll be going through in fact what the rest of you will be going through metaphorically.


Marina Martin said...

Mike, I first found you via the EconTalk podcast, where you are always my favorite guest. I just found your blog and read this post, which confirms you are quite possibly the most awesome person ever.

Enjoy Inauguration Day :)

SSFC said...

Be sure to watch The Matrix the night before. The colonoscope bears a striking resemblance to the machines that rule the future.

Anonymous said...

mungo is fifty?!?!

will the test be worse than knowing that the prez of the united states is younger than you, and will be taking a lot of your money?

Anonymous said...

Right on Dr. Munger! Couldn't think of a better comparison myself. Don't forget everyone can hear Dr. Munger every Tuesday at 11 a.m. on!

Been there, Done that said...

Please! You are so sedated that you won't see or feel anything. You can watch the inauguration with the sound off and a big scotch and not go through the "cleansing" pre-operation misery.

Cassie said...

Just wanted to say I plan on spending Tuesday evening at the gun range.

Anonymous said...

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