Friday, January 16, 2009

Brain Hurts.....Head Stuck in the Edge of the Universe



Ever. here


Sarah Stroud said...

I saw this yesterday!
I followed some links around for awhile, and what I thought was even cooler (if a little sillier) was the way all that ties into neuroscience--our memories apparently function like holograms too.

Tom said...

"Unexpected noise" proves the universe is a hologram?


I think it proves physists have given up trying to do science. Too many Schrödinger cats can clog a person's brain.

TFA says "Hawking showed that black holes ... slowly emit radiation." No. Hawking theorized that. To show that you have do experiments or observations.

Anonymous said...

Scientifically speaking a "theory" is something that has already been proven with evidence. If there is no supporting math, experiments, or observations it is simply a hypothesis.