Saturday, January 17, 2009

Two Simple Questions

An angry email from Anonyman:

why is a R administration (at least for a few more days) continually lending money to companies in excess (or close to it) of their market caps?

From an economic perspective, wouldn't it just make more sense to have the gubmint buy them outright and then sell off any assets to cover part of the purchase price?

My answer: That would be SOCIALISM.

Paying huge amounts of taxpayer money to corporations, without any concern about cost or the deficit? That's REPUBLICANISM.

And that, children, is why I am not a Republican, and why you shouldn't be, either.


Simon Spero said...

Are you seriously telling me that there are socialists of both parties?

Simon Spero said...

Enough with the bailouts. These times call for the official Freddy Hayek Kayak. Either paddle your own canoe, or be Rowed to Serfdom

Anonymous said...

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