Saturday, January 10, 2009

Boston Blinks

Recently I asked whether the Celtics' current troubles meant anything. After watching their game last night against Cleveland, I can assure you that their slide is weighing heavily on them from the Coach right on down to Scalabrine.

People, with around 7 minutes to go in the game and down 11 points, they started fouling Ben Wallace away from the ball.

Yes, they employed the Hack-A-Ben.

In January.

The defending champs.

The proud warriors.

The Ubuntu dudes.

If you look in a dictionary under panic, there will be a picture of Eddie House humping Ben Wallace in the backcourt.

I was LOL-ing away. The best part was that Mike Brown just left Wallace in the game, Ben kept making 1 of 2, the Cavs D kept getting stops and the lead widened to 19. Then Doc Rivers pulled his big three, but the scrubinis still were going with the Hack-A-Ben!

This is mighty good stuff.