Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please, Sir, Can I have some MORE?

Repub Nat Cmte is sending out this solicitation

I have some sympathy for the claim that Al Franken "won" on votes not cast on election day, but later. The challenges on both sides got pretty silly.

Still....Coleman lost. He should concede. The Repubs have effectively conceded this on committee ratios....

But the rumor (and it is only a rumor) is that the RNC is pulling in so much money off this solicitation that they have told Coleman to put off his concession. Shake your money-maker, Norm. With this hair-do, LOTS of folks would pay.

Icky oo. A pox on both their Houses, and their Senates.


Shawn said...

see, and with the headline, I was certain this would be a bailout-related post.

SSFC said...

I've seen worse hair.

Thug Nasty said...

This is why I don't like Norm Coleman.

But, for the sake of balanced/divided government, I'll put up with him.

He has very pretty hair.

It's too bad you have to become an @ssh*le to get elected to US Senate.