Friday, January 09, 2009

One last word on movies at the behest of Mrs. Angus

She wants all of you to know that "Rachel Getting Married" was so bad it actually made her angry (which 14 years of being married to me should tell you she doesn't get very easily). We watched it on pay per view so we couldn't actually walk out, and I kept insisting that it would "get better". It only got worse. Beyond the Anne Hathaway scenes, much of the movie is taken up with an extended rehearsal dinner and the actual wedding. These parts are so smug and smarmy and PC and self congratulatory and just plain boring that they just kill the flick.

Oh, and let me compliment loyal KPC reader and commenter BR for his endorsement of "The Foot Fist Way". We also watched that movie on pay per view and both Mrs Angus and I loved it. It is brutally funny and also sometimes just brutal but it should definitely go on my 2008 best of list. I didn't realize it was a new release.


Ginny said...

I hated "Rachel Getting Married". Only I went to see it at the Rialto, so I was stuck sitting through it all. I turned to my boyfriend about halfway through and literally said "this movie sucks" and he started laughing and declared that he loved me for thinking so. He was sitting their quietly enduring it for me, but was so happy to hear I hated it too.

Aaron Brown said...

I loved everything about it -- the characters and their relationships, the realism, the richness of the background characters and action, and the portrayal of a group of family and friends that includes a lot of musicians. How many movies not in a Middle Eastern setting have a guy sitting around playing an oud without needing to explain why he would be doing that?

Ashni said...

i thought the family was completely ridiculous and weird. being indian, they're wedding was just plain old strange. i hope people like this don't really exist. but apart from that i enjoyed the film, though it was a bit typical. being one of the more selfish people in my family, i related to the character a lot. i wish that to make it more realistic they hadn't added the stuff about the dead son. sometimes people are just like that they don't need reasons.