Sunday, February 07, 2010


Binge drinking can hurt grade performance, study says.

Next up: over-eating can cause weight gain....

(Nod to Angry Alex)

(UPDATE: On the "that's why they play the game!" front, it has been pointed out that in fact the relation is NOT obvious, if one actually READS THE ARTICLE. So, does that mean I can overeat!?)


David said...

I read it exactly the opposite.

"After controlling for individual fixed effects and for changes in drug use, psychological well-being, and time preference, binge drinking has a much smaller and often statistically insignificant effect on school performance."

Is KPC looking to get in the lucrative college guide market -- (1) check the M/F ratio; (2) get your time preference analyzed before you head to the kegger

Michael Ward said...

My experience (decades ago) was that binge drinking was bimodal. Those who could afford it (had good grades) and those who could not (passing was beyond hope) selected into partying on any weekend. Those in the middle knew they had to study.

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