Friday, September 24, 2010

Dems punt on tax vote

Maybe it's just me, but these guys (and gals) are really bad at their jobs. "Middle-class tax relief" (which in bizarre Dem-speak means continuation of the status quo for all but the top earners) was supposed to be a campaign plus for them, right? The president is still a Dem, right? Both houses are Dem right? Inaction raises taxes on everyone and they get to write the bill, so they have the Repubs by the proverbial S&Cs, right?

The only explanation I can think of is that the Dem leadership absolutely refuses to not raise taxes on the rich and they don't think they can get their rank and file to go for that before the election.

I guess they think that a bunch of lame ducks will be more likely to do the leaders that cost them their jobs one more favor in December before heading back home for good?


Anonymous said...

Of course they will: guys who have lost their jobs will be hoping to get hired by Dem lobbying shops, unions, etc. They are wholly unhinged from any fear of the voters.

David said...

They are paralyzed and their leadership is terrible. They could have proposed increases on the rich and further cuts for the middle class and spent the fall campaigning against the Gekko Republicans.

Instead, the Dem incumbents are looking like gladiator slaves, pre-Russell Crowe.

Dirty Davey said...

The status quo is not the current tax rate--the status quo is the Bush tax increase that's been scheduled for years.