Monday, September 20, 2010

Mooning Incident Mars GMU Conference

At a recent conference at George Mason, two innocent economics professors, Chris Coyne and Pete Leeson, were well and truly mooned by this correspondent.

It was about 3 pm, good lighting, and the moon was performed from a sixth floor, floor-to-ceiling window, while the Moonees were at ground level So the angle was... unsavory.

The Moonees had different responses. Chris Coyne: "ooh. ungh. no." Pete Leeson: "Wow, that was great! A moon from Munger is like a card from Hallmark....when you care enough to send the very best!"

Coyne has sought refuge in mountain solitude, to recover. He is a serious young man. But Leeson, characteristically, is ready for the next enormous challenge: "Hey... BOETTKE! Bring it on!"

(UPDATE: I got a couple of emails. Some of y'all need decaf, friends. This incident, and quite a few things described on this blog, including the Supreme Court deciding that being "totally awesome" was their new goal, DID NOT ACTUALLY HAPPEN. This is satire. You may find it offensive, and that's fine. But if it seems like it is too outrageous to have happened, then it is too outrageous to have happened. It. did. not. happen. Jeez).


Shawn said...

hehe...enormous challenge...

Also, can't believe you passed up a chance to refer to Leeson's pirate fetish:

"Arr! There be the booty!"

Anonymous said...

C'mon, Professor...I just ate!

Anonymous said...

Talk about indecent exposure. And you tried to get elected... If you're going to get arrested and be a politician, it has to be for cocaine or drunk driving. This just can't stand.

Tom said...

Where's the video? There has GOT to be video!