Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Way Bureaucrats SHOULD Think of Government

This video reveals two things: Why Angus and I cannot hold appointed office....

and why nonetheless we should. This poor guy is trying to read new imported cured meat handling regulations. He can't get through it, not even in German, the ideal language for faceless automatons.

(Nod to the Blond, who knows when to laugh)


Anonymous said...

In fact it was the other way round. He was the swiss secretary of finance and had to read a statement from the tax collectors office that was so formal that he could not finish to read - and it was the last day in office before his retirement.

Mungowitz said...

what in the world do you mean? of COURSE he was the Swiss finance minister, that's why the video is labeled "Swiss Finance Minister."

Are you really claiming that he was not speaking German?

What in the world does "It was the other way round" even mean, pumpkin?

Eric said...

The last fragment sounded like "not for entertainment, for example, beef." I don't know Deutsh, and I sure don't know Schweitzer Deutsch.