Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pelsmin: Guest Correspondent

My man Pelsmin writes:

I saw your reference to that economist I call "The Grey Lady." It sent me looking for my favorite bitch-slap of a Krugman column, which appeared five years ago. I was nearly crying at some of the lines.

Here's the original column, imploring America to become more like France. It is vintage Krugman, glossing over internal contradictions, etc.

Here's the response that ran in the NRO, written by Donald Luskin. This is one of the most devastating critiques of a Krugman piece that I've seen.

Interesting, and I am no fan of P-Kroog. But....U.S. unemployment is pretty darned high right now.

I am always surprised by what a test case France is for Americans. Most of us either like very much, or dislike very much, those crazy froggies.


Jon said...

There's one big difference between our unemployment rate and France's: after the worst economic crash "since the depression" we are suffering at 9.6%, with terrible social and economic consequences. France has been there since 1980. They've been between 8 and 12% unemployment for a generation.

Angus said...

I have to say, in any contest between Krugman and Luskin, I am going with Krugman. Donald Luskin richly deserves his title as "stupidest man alive". Just archive search KPC for evidence.

Bob said...

Count me among those who think that France is "just OK."