Thursday, September 09, 2010

Hey Coach K: go EZ on Kevin Durant!

Dude, we need him next month. I know you are somehow stuck with losers like Derrick Rose, Andre Iguadala, and Rudy (so) Gay, but 37 out of 40 minutes for KD ain't cool with us Thunderheads.

Nice to see him drop 33 on the Russkies though (on only 19 shots).

The USA is thin thin thin. Mike K ain't playin' Granger, Curry, Love, Gay or Chandler (23 total minutes for those 5) and Rose is out there but not doing anything (6 points, 2 assists and 3 boards in 35 minutes).

Gonna be tough to win it all with just Billups, Durant, Odom and Westbrook contributing.


Anonymous said...

Why isn't he playing Granger? It's a bad idea to put someone who can shoot in?

poker affiliate said...

Kevin Durant was clearly the star of the team. He is already a top 5 player in the league with only a few years in the league. He could very well win the NBA MVP this season if he continues to improve.