Thursday, September 30, 2010

Several Amazing Things, But I Won't Get My Hopes Up

Several amazing things about this post by John H.

--The contents. We spent a ton of money, for no value, except a whole bunch of goofballs with worthless M.A.s in "Education Policy" sucking down groceries in bureaucratic jobs.

--The reference. A gen-you-eine conservative like Hindraker citing the CATO Institute.

Wow. Maybe there is hope for some of you half-wit Republicans actually finding a way to cut specific programs. Because by and large, you have failed. If you are starting to feel hopeful, read this. 'Cause I still think the Republicans only care about winning, and will never actually try to cut anything, except taxes, which is moronic.

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Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of the increased education spending is going to fund the skyrocketing level of special education services to which students are now entitled. Looking through my high school yearbook (2003) it seemed like half of the staff was working in special ed!

This isn't a statement on our educational system or how well it is doing. Just curious.