Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tea party article

Did an interview with McClatchy Papers yesterday.

About Tea Party, and November elections. Write-up is here, and likely also in a paper near you. There are LOTS of McClatchy newspapers.


Dirty Davey said...

"O'Donnell's victory makes Republican control of the Senate a 'lost cause,' Munger said 'unless the depth of anti-Obama anger is bigger than anything we've seen.'"

I think you mean "breadth" rather than "depth". No matter how deep the Tea Partiers' hate for Obama, they only cast one vote each.

The question is whether the Tea Partiers end up like the anti-war Democrats of 2004.

Tom said...

"Closed primaries" are the problem? Are we to believe that, at a time when only 32% or Repubs turned out, lots of independents and Dems would have been motivated to go to the polls to pull a switch for the Rs?

Besides that, it's an anathema for it to be a matter of law that the members of a group cannot decide who will represent the group. Maybe democracy is the problem.

So, despite being hot, O'Donnell cannot win because she yaks about masturbation... But Sharron Angle has a similar foot-in-mouth disease and she's running even with the incumbent Senate leader.

Still Munger is probably right: on Nov. 3, we'll find that we must have divided control of Congress combined with a weak president (Angus & Piper pump fist, yeah baby!)