Saturday, March 19, 2011

Fat Kids, Unite

Angry Alex notes that, as a former fat kid, he has some sympathy for the wrong side. As a CURRENT fat kid, I may also.

Patrick blogs about a video. It's rather violent. Don't watch it, if you are going to get upset.

As a fat kid in a very poor school growing up, I was spat on, kicked, had my books thrown up in trees, etc. Pretty much every day.

Then one day I had my own "snapped" experience. Kid was spitting on his hand and wiping it on my shirt. I was quite strong and large, but wouldn't fight. But then I did. Drove a straight right into his stomach; since he wasn't looking and I caught him square, this was pretty tough for him. He dropped, started throwing up, and since he couldn't breathe choked on his own vomit a bit.

It happened one more time, but I didn't wait nearly as long before I punched him. He tried to duck, and I caught him on ear. Bright red, a little cut. He started crying.

And then nothing. Fat kids of the world, unite.


Matt said...

I, too, had problems with bullying in school. I was skinny and tiny and wouldn't fight back. One day, one of the primary tormentors (who, like most others, was bigger than I) pushed me lightly in the courtyard, so I pushed him back, causing him to fly several feet backwards and smack his head on the concrete.

From then on, they all kept their attacks verbal and mostly behind my back.

Anonymous said...

One usually has to go to an AEA conference to witness these kinds of encounters!

Shawn said...


Gerardo said...

Which one was the unions and which was Scott Walker?